How to get a twitter-account (plus) who uses it (and why?)

Lada Gaga on Twitter

Lada Gaga on Twitter

So you’ve seen Twitter-feeds on your favourite bloggers webpage and decided to start tweeting yourself. The first question is ”How do I do it?”. Read this article to find out how. Actually the first question you should ask yourself is; what will be the purpose of your tweets? Will you be using them professionally, personally or both? Do you really need twitter or is it just something you want to try out for fun? Keep in mind, Internet is like an elephant; it never forgets.

After you are done with those philosofical questions you should surf to and make sure that you read through their help center; there’s lots of useful information to be found there ( Then, go back to twitters first page and klick on the yellow button that says ”sign up” on the right. You will then be transported to form, where you’ll fill in your typical

Step one of the process

Joining Twitter

account information; name, username, e-mail and password. If you (by some strange twist of fate) don’t have a e-mail you can easily get a gmail here. Make sure to read Twitters terms of service before you click continue!

After you have clicked continue you will be promted to enter two security words, to confirm that you are a human and not a bot that will try to spam twitter. Since twitter ia all about networking, twitter will help you getting started by first offering you to add people to follow based on interests like art, games, movies, food etc. After you’ve done with that step you may allow twitter to find your friends through some of your other social networking tools like gmail, hotmail or msn.

After this step there’s only a confirmation link (that’s been sent to your e-mail)left to click before you can twitter away! For more info on twitter, read my earlier posts here and here or why don’t you check out Ann-Sofies blog on the subject.


Then who uses twitter anyway? This is a very broad question indeed. There are a lot of official persons, famous people and corporations on twitter that uses the service to either communicate with their customers, like SJ (Statens Järnvägar; swedish state railroad service) did during the big snow storms in 2009 and 2010 (Ronge p 114, 2010). Two swedish celebrities that uses twitter; Alex Schulman and Isabella Löwengrip (Ronge, 2010). Alex Schulman mostly uses social medias to create diffrent characters that he then uses for his selfpromoting as a author and comedian while Isabella Löwengrip uses them to promote her brand and her companies. (Ronge p.24-46, 2010). Other celebrities you can find are, for exampel Lady Gaga, Ben Stiller and Jennifer Lopez. To find your favourite celeb on twitter, just search away. The stars await you, but remember kids, don’t stare directly into the sun.

It will burn your eyes.

Johan, out.

Sources: About Twitter [electronic] available: [2011-04-14]

Ronge, Paul. Sociala medier; en halv sekund från ord till handling (2010) [printed] Sundbyberg: Optimal förlag


2 thoughts on “How to get a twitter-account (plus) who uses it (and why?)

  1. Brunetten Fia says:

    Trevlig läsning om Twitter och jag måste säga att det är beundransvärt när du skriver all text på engelska. Jag får även passa på att säga tack i och med att du nämner mig och min blogg i din text, blev lite paff… men det var fint.

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